The 30th Annual
Jack Williamson Lectureship
March 2, 2006
Eastern New Mexico University
Portales, New Mexico

A photo-report by Stephen Haffner
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The 30th Annual Williamson Lectureship was held March 2, 2006 on the campus of Eastern New Mexico University. This annual lectureship honors distinguished Emeritus Professor of English Dr. Jack Williamson, science fiction author and scholar. A campus tradition since 1977, the Williamson Lectureship annually invites well known authors to visit campus and discuss the interactions of science and the humanities. This year's theme was "Ecological Apocalypse" with guest speaker Kim Stanley Robinson.

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Nancy Mote and the bookselling team from the ENMU bookstore lay out an impressive array of books by Dr. Williamson, Lectureship guest Kim Stanley Robinson and other attending professional writers including Frederik Pohl, Dr. Christopher Stasheff & Connie Willis.  Books were made available for sale prior to and after the Lectureship Luncheon.
Three new items available for sale at this year's Lectureship are The Crucible of Power, The Collected Stories of Jack Williamson, Volume Five from Haffner Press; a new chapbook from Cacahuete Press, "Nonstop to Portales" by Connie Willis; and a limited run of 24 iron busts of Dr. Williamson cast from the sculptor's study model.  More pics of the Willliamson sculpture are featured below.

While it was doubtful Dr. Williamson's health would permit him to actively participate in this year's Lectureship, we didn't know if he would be attending the afternoon luncheon until he appeared in the auditorium to a lengthy round of applause.

(seated) Frederik Pohl and Dr. Jack Williamson
(standing l to r) Ed Bryant, Connie Willis (Mistress of Ceremonies), Betty Anne Hull (wife of Fred Pohl), Walter Jon Williams, Melinda Snodgrass, Suzy McKee Charnas, Kim Stanley Robinson, Richard A. Hauptmann (Cacahuete Press & Dr. Williamson's bibliographer), Eleanor Wood (Dr. Williamson's literary agent from Spectrum Literary Agency), Dr. Christopher Stasheff, Terry England, Charles N. Brown (Locus Magazine), Scott Edelman ( and Stephen Haffner (Haffner Press)

Fred Pohl and Stan Robinson look on as Stephen Haffner shows Dr. Williamson a copy of the just-released The Crucible of Power
"What the . . . ?"
Looking happy
Looking professional

Connie Willis welcomes us to the 30th Lectureship and reminds us that this event is her favorite destination of the year
Kim Stanley Robinson takes the podium and asks us to embrace our inner-paleolithic child
Dr. Williamson thanks us all for attending . . .

. . . and gets a standing ovation

Following the luncheon, guests & authors signed books and posed for group pictures before Dr. Williamson retired for the afternoon

(seated) Frederik Pohl, Dr. Williamson, Jim Williamson (Jack's brother)
(standing l to r) Connie Willis, Gary Williamson (Jim's son) Nancy Williamson (Jim's wife), Milz Bickley (Betty's husband), Katie Bickley (Milz & Betty's daughter), Betty Williamson (Jim's daughter)  Whew!  Got all that?

Chicago-based fan, collector and Williamson-admirer Richard Kaminsky with Dr. Williamson holding a copy of Amazing Stories, December 1928-the issue includes "The Metal Man," the author's first published story.

Afterward, many guests & attendees paid a visit ENMU Golden Library's Special Collections department that houses a wealth of material on regional history as well as the Jack Williamson Science Fiction Library.  The collection now includes 13,000 volumes of science fiction works, both fiction and non-fiction. It includes books, SF pulps dating back to the early 1900's, manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, and many other items. Many of these were donated from Williamson's personal collection.

More information can be found following this link:


Also on display in the lobby of the Golden Library is ENMU's first Science Fiction/Fantasy art show through March. Paintings, drawings, photographs, collages, and other 2D work or small sculptural pieces with a science fiction or fantasy theme are being exhibited. The works above are the original paintings for "The Mental Man," Amazing Stories 1988 by Robert Pasternak and ". . . And Searching Mind," Astounding Science Fiction 1948 by Hubert Rogers.

Special Collections Czar Gene Bundy chats with Stan Robinson . . .
. . . while Connie Willis holds court . . .
(photo courtesy of Wendel Sloan)
. . . and Stephen Haffner continues to collect material for more books


Connie Willis moderates (again!) the evening panel on "Ecological Apocalypse."  The discussions lasted for just over an hour and ranged widely from alternative fuels and modifying life-styles to the state of the literary genre and what possibilities science fiction writers may tackle in the current market.

The 10 remaining busts available for sale outside the auditorium after the evening panel. 
They are all sold out!
New Mexico meets Michigan!
Patricia Rogers of Albuquerque poses with Stephen Haffner of Royal Oak
The images on this cake are part of a larger mural that adorns the length of the Special Collections Department at ENMU

Friday morning a caravan of eight vehicles made a pilgrimage to the Williamson Ranch approximately 35 miles south of Portales.

Entering the Williamson compound
We don't see this in the Midwest!
Horses!  Three horses!  Horsi?

This is interesting.  Past Lectureship attendees that have been out to the Williamson Ranch are taken past an abandoned structure on the way out to the property proper.  This building was rented by Jack Williamson's parents for a time.  However the building in the above photo, which has been refinished in metal sheeting and used as a saddle room, is the original structure discussed in Williamson's autobiography, Wonder's Child: My Life in Science Fiction.  Although boarded-up, the wall on the right side of the building has window to which a covered wagon was drawn-up against and served as a bedroom for Jack and his siblings.

Inside the structure
"Hmmmmm, what's that shiny stuff?"
Don't drink that!  It's nitroglycerin!  NOT!

Jack Williamson's cabin on the ranch, built in the early 1930s as a place to live & write in privacy. 
Patricia Rogers, Richard Kaminsky & Stephen Haffner.  This picture is going to Ray Bradbury along with one of the busts.
The Albuquerque Bunch
Wendy Jay, Craig Chrissinger & Patricia Rogers


See you next year!

Special thanks to Patricia Rogers for several of these images.  Heaps of gratitude and praise to
Dr. Patrice Caldwell, Gene Bundy, and Richard A. Hauptmann for custodianship of the
Williamson Lectureship and their infinite hospitality to the Lectureship guests and attendees.

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