Market for Murder: Fredric Brown Mystery Library, Volume Three

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ISBN-13 978-1-893887-98-5
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“. . . enough good people put Brown on their must-read lists and then become evangelists to keep his name alive on the same high shelf as Hammett, Thompson, Ross Macdonald and other crime icons. Somewhere up in literary heaven, I hope he’s looking down, sipping a beer, playing his flute and smiling.”—Dick Adler, Chicago Tribune

While the editor of this series only recently came upon the above quote from 2008, these eyes read no truer words. Work has been underway for more than six years assembling the first volumes of the FREDRIC BROWN MYSTERY LIBRARY. Now, the series continues on what is hoped to be the definitive collection of Fredric Brown sans his science fiction works. Assembled in chronological order of publication, this set contains all the short fiction (of all genres: mystery, horror, noir, western, detection, etc.) and all of Brown’s novels (again, excepting his sf works). You’ll be able to enjoy Fredric Brown at his longer lengths from The Fabulous Clipjoint and Night of the Jabberwock to The Lenient Beast and Mrs. Murphy’s Underpants.

Assisting with this effort have been Brown bibliographer Phil Stephensen-Payne and Brown biographer Jack Seabrook. This massive undertaking could not have been accomplished without their help.

A Fine Night for Murder from Detective Tales 11-42
Heil, Werewolf! from Dime Mystery 11-42 {as by Felix Graham}
I’ll See You at Midnight from Clues Detective Stories 11-42
The Monkey Angle from Thrilling Detective 11-42
Satan One-and-a-Half from Dime Mystery 11-42
A Lock of Satan’s Hair from Dime Mystery 1-43
The Spherical Ghoul from Thrilling Mystery 1-43
The Wicked Flea from Ten Detective Aces 1-43
Beware of the Dog from Ten Detective Aces 2-43; {as Hound of Hell}
Death is a Noise from Popular Detective 2-43
The Sleuth from Mars from Detective Tales 2-43
A Change for the Hearse from New Detective Magazine 3-43
Encore for a Killer from Mystery Magazine 3-43
Handbook for Homicide from Detective Tales 3-43
Trial by Darkness from Clues Detective Stories 3-43
Cadavers Don’t Make a Fifth Column from Detective Short Stories 4-43
Death of a Vampire from Strange Detective Mysteries 5-43
Death’s Dark Angel from Thrilling Detective 5-43
The Freak Show Murders from Mystery Magazine 5-43
Market for Murder from The Shadow 5-43
The Corpse and the Candle from Dime Mystery 7-43
Madman’s Holiday from Street & Smith’s Detective Story Magazine 7-43
Blue Murder from The Shadow 9-43
“Feedum & Weeps” stories from Feedstuffs
Movie Masquerade from Hollywood Magazine
“Dear Boss . . . (Letters of a Traveling Salesman to His Wife) from How to Sell & Independent Salesman
Stories from The Layman Magazine


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