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The Three-Eyed Men: The Casebook of Cyrus North

Introduction by D. H. Olson

Smythe-sewn Hardcover, 440 pages


Industrial tycoon Cyrus North is a wealthy inventor with no social life, whose main passion is the study and investigation of crime. To this end he works as a free-lance criminologist, independent from, and sometimes even at odds with, a local police department that is often dependent upon his assistance. North is a captain of industry and a power within his home-town of Center City.
North is aided in his work by glamorous Rhoda King, who first enters employment as a prospective client rather than an employee. As North tells her during their first adventure together: “A criminal sizing up a pretty young girl or admiring a pair of shapely legs has had his attention distracted. He’s off guard. Those moments are priceless in a thousand ways for an alert detective.”
Yet, Rhoda’s beauty is a two-edged sword. Try as she might, efforts to attract the attention of her employer on anything beyond a professional basis are always doomed to failure. Because of Cyrus North’s position in Center City and the ongoing pressures involved in running a multi-million dollar corporation, Sarah Slocumbe, his personal secretary, handles company affairs while he is on a case.
Story-wise, Wandrei challenges himself—and by extension, Cyrus North—to share an outrageous crime more bizarre and outré than the previous outing.

Introduction by D. H. Olson
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