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August 1, 2023 
  • FINAL NOTICE on ordering the unpublished Wellman story, "Not All a Dream"
  • Status on THE COMPLETE JOHN THE BALLADEER (it's a good-un'!)

  • Nice racks!

•  •  •  FINAL NOTICE  •  • 
The cut-off date is August 10th to place your order for
Not All a Dream”
an unpublished Manly Wade W
ellman story
to be shipped with preorders of
Haffner Press is pleased to announce the upcoming release of an unpublished story by Manly Wade Wellman. "Not All a Dream" opens with poet/politician Lord Byron (1788-1824) musing over the status of his literary canon in years to come. Admiring the lasting legacy of John Milton, Byron accepts an offer to learn the true place of his works in centuries hence—a nightmare vision gained by traveling into a dangerous future . . .

How can you get a copy of this story? Well, if you've placed a preorder for Manly Wade Wellman's two-volume omnibus  THE COMPLETE JOHN THE BALLADEER, then you're already set to receive it! (Congratulations, you wise, prescient reader!)

Otherwise, you have between now and August 10, 2023 to preorder
THE COMPLETE JOHN THE BALLADEER and receive "Not All a Dream" as an exclusive chapbook at no additional charge.

Manly Wade Wellman's
  “Not All a Dream
a chapbook shipping
with preordered copies of:

Cover art by Raymond Swanland
Interior art by Tim Kirk

Two 560+ page Smythe-sewn Hardcovers

  • 19 stories, 5 novels, erudite and informative essays from Wellman's friends and editors, PLUS the heretofore unpublished treatment for the unwritten sixth "Silver John" novel, The Valley So Low. Lastly, we found the perfect way to give Manly get the last word. No spoilers, but have your whiskey glasses handy.


"Manly Wade Wellman: The Voice of the Mountains" by Stephen Jones
"O Ugly Bird!"
"The Desrick on Yandro"
"Vandy, Vandy"
"One Other"
"Call Me from the Valley"
"The Little Black Train"
"Shiver in the Pines"
"Walk Like a Mountain"
"On the Hills and Everywhere"
"Old Devlins Was A-Waiting"
"Nine Yards of Other Cloth"
"Then I Wasn't Alone"
"You Know the Tale of Hoph"
"Blue Monkey"
"The Stars Down There"
"Find the Place Yourself"
"I Can't Claim That"
"Who Else Could I Count On"
"John's My Name"
"Why They're Named That"
"None Wiser for the Trip"
"Nary Spell"
"Trill Coster's Burden"
"The Spring"
The Old Gods Waken (1979)
"Owls Hoot in the Daytime"
After Dark (1980)
Afterword by Hedges Capers

“They Say He Walks the Mountains Even Now” by Patrick J. LoBrutto
"Can These Bones Live?"
"Nobody Ever Goes There"
The Lost and the Lurking (1981)
The Hanging Stones (1982)
The Voice of the Mountain (1984)
"Where Did She Wander?"
***Outline for unwritten "Silver John" novel, The Valley So Low (1985)
"Wellman Interview" by Karl Edward Wagner
"Eulogy" by Karl Edward Wagner

•  •  •  STATUS ON THE  •  •  • 
The Text Blocks, the Endsheets, and the Dustjackets for both volumes have been printed! The Binding Date is for later this month (and I'm not telling at this point!). Click the link below for a Flickr Slideshow of the guts of these volumes:

•  •  •  NICE RACKS  •  • 
Back in April, we posted on Facebook and Twitter (or whatever it's called this week) an image of unassembled pallet racks destined to hold cartons of books. Subsequent medical annoyances prevented any progress on assembling this material. Despite current status as "walking wounded," yer 'umble Poobah spent many an hour last Sunday crouching, lugging, swearing, knocking, hammering, bitching, and swinging like a Space Monkey, single-handedly putting together these 32 linear feet of pallet racking. You're welcome.

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