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The Watcher at the Door: The Early Kuttner, Volume Two

The Complete Ivy Frost

The Michael Gray Murders
The Michael Gray Mysteries

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Early Kuttner Combo

Terror in the House: The Early Kuttner, Volume One
Terror in the House: The Early Kuttner, Volume One

The 1st volume of Kuttner’s early works.

The Watcher at the Door: The Early Kuttner, Volume Two

The 2nd volume of Kuttner’s early works.

TERROR IN THE HOUSE: THE EARLY KUTTNER, VOLUME ONE is Out-Of-Print but a *limited quantity* are being offered with preorders of THE WATCHER AT THE DOOR: THE EARLY KUTTNER, VOLUME TWO. Get BOTH Vol. One (to be shipped now) and preorder Vol. Two for $185.00. Shipping is FREE to the Continental USA.


Preorder combo: Howard Browne and Fredric Brown

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Murder Draws a Crowd: The Fredric Brown Mystery Library, Volume One

Humorous works culled from vintage trade journals like Excavating Engineer and tapping the beginning of Brown’s detective fiction.

Death in the Dark: The Collected Fredric Brown, Volume Two

Brown is firmly entrenched in the detective & mystery pulps of the late 30s through the end of 1942.

Halo for Hire: The Paul Pine Mysteries

4 novels & 2 short stories of Chicago private eye Paul Pine. These are among the best of the school or Raymond Chandler.

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Preorder Combo: Hamilton Vols. 4 & 5, Capt. Future Vol. 3

The Collected Captain Future, Volume Three

Now that Captain Future and the Futuremen have traveled through time in the final story of Volume Two (See “The Lost World of Time”), can an adventure beyond the Solar System be far behind? Most assuredly not!

The Reign of the Robots, The Collected Edmond Hamilton, Volume Four

Here are no fewer than 10 unreprinted stories from WEIRD TALES and/or WONDER STORIES. Alongside these, you’ll find such classics as “The Man Who Evolved” and “A Conquest of Two Worlds.”

The Six Sleepers, The Collected Edmond Hamilton, Volume Five

Hamilton really put his Remingtons to the task with more stories for WEIRD TALES as well as some of his best work (which is to say some of the best work ever to appear in) for WONDER STORIES.

Place your $120.00 (USD) order for all three books and receive an exclusive facsimile of TIGER GIRL, a rare British pamphlet from 1945 published by Utopian Publications as #5 in their "American Fiction" series. This booklet collects: "Tiger Girl" (aka "The Six Sleepers") by Edmond Hamilton and "Apprentice Magician" by E. Hoffmann Price. Shipping is FREE to the Continental USA.


Preorder: Two Kuttners & Super-Science w/Bonus Chapbook

Thunder in the Void

A massive collection of Space Opera stories culled from such pulps as Weird Tales, Astonishing Stories, Marvel Science Stories, Planet Stories, and Super Science Stories. Most reprinted for the first time!

Tales From Super-Science Fiction

14 stories from Super-Science Fiction by such giants as Jack Vance, Robert Bloch, James Gunn and editor Silverberg. Full-color endpapers with the cover art by Frank Kelly Freas and Ed Emshwiller.

Hollywood on the Moon / Man About Time: The Pete Manx Adventures

Cosmic humor abounds with these collaborations by Henry Kuttner & Arthur K. Barnes from Thrilling Wonder Stories. Journey to the future in the “Hollywood on the Moon” stories and travel back in time with hapless conman Pete Manx.

Place your $112.00 (USD) order for all three books and receive an exclusive bonus chapbook SUPER-SCIENCE FICTION featuring rare texts and associated ephemera from many contributors to the above titles. Shipping is FREE to the Continental USA and we will ship the books as they are published with the chapbook accompanying the release of TALES OF SUPER-SCIENCE FICTION. Don't miss out on this opportunity to get your exclusive chapbook.


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Terror in the House: The Early Kuttner, Volume One – (1/75 Limited Edition)

Before his marriage to (and subsequent collaborations with) Catherine L. Moore, Henry Kuttner was a frequent contributor to the pulp magazines that specialized in the weird, supernatural, horror, and science fiction genre. Beginning in 1936, with the minor classic “The Graveyard Rats,” Kuttner launched a steady stream of short stories aimed at Weird Tales, Mystery Tales, Thrilling Wonder Stories, and [...]

Thunder in the Void
Thunder in the Void – (1/75 Limited Edition)

Prior to his marriage to fellow science-fantasy writer Catherine L. Moore in 1940, Henry Kuttner wrote stories of Lovecraftian horror, weird-menace “shudder” tales, and thrilling adventure stories. But he also wrote blood-n-thunder Space Opera stories in the vein of Edmond Hamilton (one of young Kuttner’s favorite authors) told with a rough-edge style similar to Kuttner’s [...]

Shannach—The Last: Farewell to Mars - Limited Edition
Shannach—The Last: Farewell to Mars – (1/100 Limited Edition)

Picking up where Lorelei of the Red Mist: Planetary Romances left off, this volume collects the final 17 stories of strange adventures on other worlds from the undisputed “Queen of Space Opera.” Drawn from the last years of pulp magazines such as Planet Stories, Startling Stories, and digests magazines like Venture Science Fiction, Shannach – [...]

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