Autographed Editions for Charity

Spider Island, The Collected Stories of Jack Williamson, Volume Four – (autographed by Ed Bryant)

Ed Bryant signed a small number of SPIDER ISLAND and $5.00 of each copy sold will be sent to the Friends of Ed Bryant. This fourth volume continues the publishing program to collect the stories of Science Fiction Grand Master Jack Williamson. Drawn from such classic pulp magazines as Astounding Stories, Weird Tales, Thrilling Wonder Stories, and Thrilling Mystery, this [...]


Thirty-Five Years of the Jack Williamson Lectureship

When Dr. Jack Williamson retired from his position as Professor of English at Eastern New Mexico University in 1977, the university launched a lectureship series in his honor. The focus of the Lectureship was to be the sciences and the humanities and the first guests were Frederik Pohl and James E. Gunn. Thirty-Five years later, [...]