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Murder Draws a Crowd: Fredric Brown Mystery Library, Volume One

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Introduction by Jack Seabrook
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ISBN-13 9781893887787
744-page Smythe-sewn Hardcover


The Prehistoric Clue

The King Comes Home

Twenty Gets You Plenty

Hex Marks the Spot

“. . . enough good people put Brown on their must-read lists and then become evangelists to keep his name alive on the same high shelf as Hammett, Thompson, Ross Macdonald and other crime icons. Somewhere up in literary heaven, I hope he’s looking down, sipping a beer, playing his flute and smiling.”—Dick Adler, Chicago Tribune

While the editor of this series only recently came upon the above quote from 2008, these eyes read no truer words. Work has been underway for nearly four years assembling the first two volumes of THE FREDRIC BROWN MYSTERY LIBRARY. Now is your chance to get in on the ground floor of what is hoped to be the definitive collection of Fredric Brown sans his science fiction works. Assembled in chronological order of publication, this set will contain all the short fiction (of all genres: mystery, horror, noir, western, detection, etc.) and all of Brown’s novels (again, excepting his sf works). You’ll be able to enjoy Fredric Brown at his longer lengths from The Fabulous Clipjoint and Night of the Jabberwock to The Lenient Beast and Mrs. Murphy’s Underpants. 

Assisting with this effort have been Brown bibliographer Phil Stephensen-Payne and Brown biographer Jack Seabrook. This massive undertaking could not have been accomplished without their help.

The Moon for a Nickel, Detective Story Magazine  Mar. 38
The Cheese on Stilts, Thrilling Detective  Jan. 39
Blood of the Dragon, Variety Detective  Feb. 39
There Are Bloodstains in the Alley, Detective Yarns  Feb. 39
Murder at 10:15, Clues Detective Stories  May 39
The Prehistoric Clue, Ten Detective Aces  Jul. 40
Trouble in a Teacup, Detective Fiction Weekly  Jul-13-1940
Murder Draws a Crowd, Detective Fiction Weekly  Jul-27-1940
Footprints on the Ceiling, Ten Detective Aces  Sep. 40
The Little Green Men, The Masked Detective  Fall 1940
Town Wanted, Detective Fiction Weekly  Sep-7-1940
Herbie Rides His Hunch, Detective Fiction Weekly  Oct-19-1940
The Stranger from Trouble Valley, Western Short Stories  Nov. 40
The Strange Sisters Strange, Detective Fiction Weekly  Dec-28-1940
How Tagrid Got There, unpublished until 1986
Fugitive Imposter, Ten Detective Aces  Jan. 41
The King Comes Home, Thrilling Detective  Jan. 41
Big-Top Doom, Ten Detective Aces  Mar 41
The Discontented Cows, G-Men Detective  Mar. 41
Life and Fire, Detective Fiction Weekly  Mar-22-1941
Big-League Larceny, Ten Detective Aces  Apr. 41 {as by Jack Hobart}
Selling Death Short, Ten Detective Aces  Apr. 41
Client Unknown, The Phantom Detective  Apr. 41
Your Name in Gold, The Phantom Detective  Jun. 41
Here Comes the Hearse, 10-Story Detective  Jul. 41 {as by Allen Morse}
Six-Gun Song, 10-Story Detective  Jul. 41
Star-Spangled Night, Coronet  Jul. 41
Wheels Across the Night, G-Men Detective  Jul. 41
Little Boy Lost, Detective Fiction Weekly  Aug-2-1941
Bullet for Bullet, Western Short Stories  Oct. 41
Listen to the Mocking Bird (NT) G-Men Detective  Nov. 41
You'll End Up Burning!, Ten Detective Aces  Nov. 41
Number Bug, Exciting Detective  Winter 1941
Thirty Corpses Every Thursday, Detective Tales  Dec. 41
Trouble Comes Double, Popular Detective  Dec. 41
Clue in Blue, Thrilling Mystery  Jan. 42
Death is a White Rabbit, Strange Detective Mysteries  Jan. 42
Twenty Gets You Plenty, G-Men Detective Jan. 42
Bloody Murder, Detective Fiction  Jan-10-1942

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