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AKKAs are here!

This is AKKA.

Long-time readers of Jack Williamson know “AKKA” as the name of the super-weapon employed (and sometimes defeated!) in Williamson’s classic LEGION OF SPACE novels. Dr. Williamson graciously gave Haffner Press use of the “AKKA” moniker as the name for our planned “occasional newsletter” back in 1999. Only a single issue of the late 90s AKKA was published (and good luck tracking one down!).

Here, in the 21st Century, Haffner Press’ AKKAs are now the “occasional downloadable excerpts” of some of our titles. Like the subtitle says: “a peek inside our publications.”

Some AKKAs will cover recent titles, and some will feature previously released tomes.

AKKAs may contain errata (correcting typos, mis-attributions, etc.), but more fun are the excerpts: fiction, graphical content, and maybe a surprise or two.

We hope you enjoy AKKA as we continue our publishing programs. There are a lot of projects currently underway:

  • The Collected Stories of Jack Williamson
  • The Collected Edmond Hamilton
  • Story Collections by Leigh Brackett
  • Tomes by Henry Kuttner & C. L. Moore

and some really nice projects in the works for fans of space-opera & planetary romance.

So, sit back, power up your atomic .pdf reader, and ready, steady, go get your AKKAs!

Stephen Haffner
–Big Poobah

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