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 In This Issue: August 22, 2017
Coming in 2018 . . .

   Robert Bloch (1917-1994) is one of the most fondly remembered and collected authors of crime, horror, fantasy, and science fiction of the 20th Century. Noted by many as the author of Psycho, Bloch wrote hundreds of short stories and over 30 novels. He was a member of the Lovecraft Circle and began his career by emulating H.P. Lovecraft’s brand of “cosmic horror.” He later specialized in crime and horror stories dealing with a more psychological approach.
Illustrated by Gahan Wilson
Edited by Stephen Haffner
500+ page Smythe-sewn Hardcover
PREORDER PRICE: $45Contents:
“The Feast in the Abbey”
“The Beasts of Barsac”
“The Shambler from the Stars”
“The Opener of the Way”
“The Mannikin”
“A Question of Identity”
“The Cloak”
“Unheavenly Twin”
“Nursemaid to Nightmares”
“Fear Planet”
“Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper”
“Black Barter”
“Death Is a Vampire”
“The Bat Is My Brother”
“The Skull of the Marquis de Sade”
“The Bogey Man Will Get You”
“Tooth or Consequences”
“The Hungry House”
“The Man Who Collected Poe”
“The Light-House”
“I Kiss Your Shadow”
“Dig That Crazy Grave”
“The Sleeping Redheads” aka “Sleeping Beauty”
“Hungarian Rhapsody”
“The Living Dead”
“A Case of the Stubborns”
“The Undead”
“The Yougoslaves”
“The Bedposts of Life”
“The Scent of Vinegar”

Here’s How You Can Help!

  While we have secured permission from the rights-handlers for Gahan Wilson‘s artwork for the cover image, we have been unable to locate the original “Parkbench Vampire” painting.

  The image originally appeared on the cover of the humor digest, FOR LAUGHING OUT LOUD #33 (Dell Magazines, October, 1964) promising a “Hilarious Monster Issue!”.
   As shown above and to the right, someonesomewherehad access to the original artwork and placed a low-res image on the internet.
  We have sent queries to several Gahan Wilson-collectors as well as many collectors of SF-art-in-general asking for the whereabouts of the original artwork, but nothing has surfaced yet.
So, if you, or someone you know, has a lead on where the original artwork resides, or can assist in supplying a high-resolution scan of the painting, please contact us ASAP at

2017 is Robert Bloch’s Centennial

  Meanwhile, set aside a few hours and peruse these links, culled mostly by Patricia Abbott & Todd Mason during the week of Robert Bloch‘s 100th Birthday:

  • Patricia Abbott’s Bloch Centennial List
  • Todd Mason’s Bloch Centennial List
  • 100 Years of Robert Bloch at
  • Jeff Segal’s blogpost on Robert Bloch in comic books
  Podcast: The Horror Show with Brian Keene (WARNING: NSFW!)

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